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The Gamma Xi Uplift Foundation was established in February of 2012 to extend a fraternal order of college educated men’s capacity to reach deep into communities of under served citizens.

The members of this fraternal organization has a passion for working in various communities where we provide support and uplift. Our aim is to provide education, awareness, tutoring, community development, scholarships and inspiration though our Mentorship Program, various food drive, Stop the Violence Initiative, Talent Hunt Exhibition Program and Scholarship Program and much more. The GXUF has created positive collaborations between the people in the community and other professional organizations that will provide unrealized opportunities and potential for the families of the Hampton Road communities.

Vision Statement
To develop and implement efficient and effective programs for under served citizens in the Hampton Roads area. To instill values of perseverance though challenging times and believing in oneself in order to grow professionally and personally through programs for all to become our future leaders.

Mission Statement
Gamma Xi Uplift Foundation seeks to empower and uplift the Hampton Roads area through community service, youth mentoring and leadership development.